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do-while loop

Hallo guys, char choice; do{ char name[10]; printf("Enter a name: "); scanf("%s",&name); printf("Hi, my name is %s\n",name); printf("Press (j)to end or press(n)to enter a new name: "); choice=getchar(); }while(choice=='n'); At the end of the do-while loop I want to Input 'n', so that the condition evaluates to true and to reinitialize the variable 'name', but doesn't work. Can somebody please help me?


7/26/2019 10:32:43 AM


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You can do this by goto statement like: int choice; char name[10]; loop : printf("Enter Name : "); scanf ("%s",name); printf("Name : %s\n",name); printf ("If you want to rename than press 1.\n If you want to exit then press 0.\n"); scanf ("%d",& choice); if(choice==1) { goto loop; } else { exit (0); }