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What is cloud computing??

I heard a name, cloud computing??Whats that??How can i learn it??Please give website examples. Thanks in advance...

7/26/2019 5:53:50 AM


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its simply using computer power from another source thats served over the web. amazon for example lets you build a virtual computer and use it over the internet. an example would be you have a powerful pc in the basement. you use your laptop upstairs to access the pc abd use it remotely over wifi. that's the simple example. you can break that computer into "parts" using partitions and virtual software so that you can set up a cusyom "pc" within that one powrrful pc. software that can do this is virtual box. you can create whatever set yp you want virtually..graphics..memory..processing power..then install an operating system. hope that helps


There is no cloud... it's just someone else's computer