What is the future of programming. I mean what will happen to current programming languages.

Will the current programming languages be replaced by 6 generation languages? Just like the old ones were replaced by the current ones.

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Eventually they will. Not sure in what timeframe.


Every language has its own importance. Even after 5 decades c is still in use and will be used further.


Languages ​​of course will develop. For example, they have already invented a new html5 tag, great success in the area of ​​neural networks is being actively implemented.


The same as for spoken languages. Some evolve, some die out, some are practiced for historic reasons & with time, new languages are born.


There are lot of question if we see according to our future because lot of new devices are coming and developing as we see today every engineering field gets something new ideas. So only we can predict only through these ideas like what will happen if programming jobs are taken by robots in future? can't if we are working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) what if they get power of thinking like humans ?like if old ones are replacing current ones in programmings languages can't there be happen where robots are doing programming Jobs in future anything can happen if we think about future so I think rather than thinking of future more if we see the present and live fullest will be better because present is root of our future so never worry of future will be always good because the thing which is not already here and imaginary it will make us more lazy so its good to think on present moment and think how we can make it better everyday in our life rather than thinking alot we just can do predictions .....


HTML and the web languages will probably be around for a long time still. For some languages in programming, it may not last as long.


The old ones will upgraded again and again, until they can do almost anything, but new languages will still be made. This is just my opinion though, I honestly have no idea for sure.


Machine Learning importance Machine learning is already flourishing and seeping into everyday enterprise and life. For example, machine learning algorithms are already finding a place in important automation code for big businesses. They are used for heaping big data projects. Languages like the R programming language and python have enabled this proliferation of machine learning, so far.


Eventhing goes down eventually. Rainbow Loom, Great Britain in the 1700's, etc.


My own opinion, Javascript or Python shall be the future, Javascript born as a dynamic web programming language, with the power of node.js and multiple framework, now it is able to implement in both front end and backend, together with html and css, you can write any program works on any platform. Python is an elegant language support cross platform development, with many library, it is popular in AI, ML, and it is also effective in desktop and web development.


Eventually. Just look at BASIC.



I personally don't think that the present languages will be replaced by 6th gen languages..Bcoz Every languages has their own uniqueness and importance. As we can see today that many Operating systems, softwares, gaming engines like Unity, Ogre etc, and even software for ios are written in Old C/C++ languages which shows that Language never dies..The life of language depends upon its uniqueness and features it can provide.. Yes, but for future of programming languages I can say Python, Java, R and many more langauges will rule the world bcoz of ML and AI features they provides.. But we programmers will be unaffected bcoz as the languages will change, we will change accordingly..😉😄#versatile😂


We are approaching to more hardware part of computer. Machine Learning era is coming. We have to sacrifice speed for higher language speed. We will focus on C as it will be directly converted to assembler for speed.


I didnt know C and C++ were replaced...


I think the base will be the same, however new languages ​​will be created to facilitate (or even for new functions) and this base will be included as something "automatic", leaving us with a simpler code


I'm Learning about web 3.0, that's means learnig RIDE language to program dApps in the Waves blockchain. I think this would be part of the future, not so far


Microsoft's Q#! The future of computer technology should reveal the future programming needs. Quantum computing is the next big thing! :)


In my own opinion, I think python will still be around for a very long time due to its and libraries and smooth compatibility with data science and all. For Java, well, no one knows the power kotlin might bring to the table in the nearest future. For C++, I think visual studio is currently helping its existence in the future plus the kind of tools visual studio now has available for programming in c++ is quite fantastic For C, this is the mother of all major programming languages we have today and learning it helps to understand the syntax behind other programming languages coming into being. Therefore, C has a bright future also. Finally, html is not a programming language, it is a markup language along with CSS and having the knowledge of English language automatically translates to having half the knowledge of html. 😁👍