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Mouse Position Javascript Canvas

How can I access the mouse position in the Javascript canvas?

7/21/2019 6:49:01 PM

Clueless Coder

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You can do it with mouse events. So, if you have a function with one parameter, that parameter will contain stuff about the mouse: let MOUSE = {}; window.addEventListener("mousemove", e => { MOUSE.x = e.clientX; MOUSE.y = e.clientY; }); You will have an object MOUSE containing the positions of the mouse. You can also add something similar to make it work on phones, too: window.addEventListener("touchmove", e => { MOUSE.x = e.touches[0].clientX; MOUSE.y = e.touches[0].clientY; });


Airree Last thing, the ball won't move despite increasing x and y axis. I am wondering if you can help. Sorry for asking again.


Insecure_Coder 😢 Yikes. If you check the draw function, you are also using the setup function, meaning that you update the speed, then reset it immediately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯