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Should I need to learn web desiging in 2019

try to read completely Because if we want to learn web desiging we have lo learn nearly 7 things like html css js jquery php mysqli frameworks... will you please recommend to me any other lang and why should I learn it. It seems to be learning web desiging time waste because their are many professional web desiginer throughtout the world . So that we cant do freelancing nows days . Is another thing to learn i 2019 which have great future by learning it . like iot , ... any other like that

7/21/2019 10:20:20 AM

srinu rocky

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You should probably learn HTML 😤



jay Mattews what for it everything related to js I am asking anything to learn in 2019 will have scope in future


Bro I know html css sass vuejs js jquery json php mysqli But it seems to be learning this thing time waste so I want to shift to anothe field Like internet of things(iot)