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Arduino for beginners

hi I want to start learning Arduino from scratch. what should I learn here, whether it can use the Python language and the type of Arduino + anything that is suitable for beginners like me

7/21/2019 3:20:33 AM

Avirur Rahman

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As 😎Cybrarian😎 mentioned, C++ is generally the go-to for Arduino considering that the programming language used when developing projects in it primarily runs on that language. The type of Arduino you get doesn't necessarily matter as they're all capable of fulfilling many tasks, but all serve for different purposes. There are some with many pins, others with very few, some that you can solder on, and some that work more as a micro processor rather than a micro controller. The most common board you would use is the Arduino Uno, so that may be a good option for you if you haven't looked too much into which one you should get


Faisal thanks 👍


Learn C++ and then read a book about Arduino. They're almost exactly the same. I learned Arduino from a book before I knew any other languages, and I'm now taking C++ here at SoloLearn.


and whether it can use a mobile device to program it


If you're on Android, yes, there is an app for Arduino that allows you to write and upload codes to your board. Of course, you may need an adapter that allows the wire that connects to your Arduino to connect to your phone, but once you've got that you should be good to go