Cant remember we ever had code older than 23 hours in hot today[done]

SL must have changed the maximal age of a code to be in HotToday.

7/19/2019 8:20:24 PM

Oma Falk

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Saeed maximum was 23 hours


Yeah true that's what even i noticed. Might be some bug. Hot today would means hot for 24 hours but some code which are displayed are older than 1 day.😮☺ Even codes with 1 day are being displayed.


What about code in the Hot Today section that have a timestamp of "1 day" as opposed to say "10 hrs"? Aren't the ones that say "1 day" older than 23 hours? Edit: Oh I didn't read the subtext. So you are saying we could not see codes older than 23 hours earlier I guess.


it is like before now


I don't know... probably to make room for newer codes.


Make the paragraph bold using the <b> tag: