Cant we create [ OFF TOPICS ] for our fellow solo learners. I wanted to create one.

I have seen many people advertising their codes anywhere and so I asked this question But nowadays Off topics are not prevelant

7/19/2019 6:33:44 PM

🔰 Justin 🔰

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Off-topic threads aren't allowed in the Q&A forum anymore but are welcome in the activity feed. If you ever see any threads that are off-topic within this section, they are likely older ones which were created before the new guidelines were set, or they were merely threads that the moderators had missed. If you want to ask any off-topic questions or say a general comment or whatnot, the activity feed is the most suitable place for something like that as it was designed to allow users to express themselves with lesser limitations than the Q&A forum


Faisal but for new users with minimal followers, the activity feed has minimal visibility as opposed to Q&A. So the new rules basically discriminate against new users.


Yes I also think that can I create an off topic or it is the work of a moderator. But very good question.


Sonic That's why you become an active user and increase your influence. It's the same as in other places, SO, discourse forums, twitter, etc. Except influence you aren't limited in any other way. Even then feed posts are global. You see them from people you do not actually follow.


I think I can also create an off topic


Nice point of view Sonic