(For learners)Playing on Sololearn is surely better than wasting time on Facebook, isnt it?

7/19/2019 1:39:18 AM


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there are many positive sides to SoloLearn and spending your time on it but we must also consider its negative effects I think one of them is first many people think SoloLearn is enough to learn everything about a language but the fact is it doesn't cover many things. though it is good for a fast overview of basics of languages. and the second is it is making programmers lazy by not recommending them much to use real IDEs so I say yes as a social appearance it is much much better to be at soloLearn rather than facebook or instagram but to learn programming spending all your learning time on it is not wise. look at it as a single great tool among other necessary tools to build your career


Only if you're actually learning/teaching something. Otherwise, what's the difference?


Playing around with codes are yes goofing around is like spending time on social media 😂


Absolutely......! I don't use any other social media except sololearn and email


Everything is harmful if we dont do in limit like example if you are eating food for hunger than its good and if you are eating it for taste it is poison for you same applys here from facebook and other apps you can get a good information if you are using it properly but if you are it 12-13 hours a day it will become addiction and an waste of time same applies on every platform so do the things in balanced it is the only way to make life easy Overuse of an sololearn is also harmful


Everything depends on your mind's controlling power(depends that what you are doing there)... I'm active in Every Social Media Platform 🙂


Adding to what the others said, it's not good to spend time anywhere too much... Either Facebook or Sololearn


Yes, this is more of a learning/helping addiction which is good.


It's doesn't matter what platform you use to learn but what you learn matters a lot someone is learning python using Facebook group and someone just using fb for posting cool pics. And same thing may happen for sololearn so it depends on mentality of people..


Sure sololearn is useful. But even sololearn has some disadvantages. I don't think spending lots of time in front to mobile will help , weather it's sololearn or Facebook.


Ya of course 👌🤘🤘


Thanks a lot everyone for answering! I just joined sololearn. I know that facebook or any other social media is not harmful for us if we use it with limits. But Sololearn is really a great platform to get started with coding! All its features are amazing! So if one just spends time on it, he surely will learn something. I prefer sololearn ❤


Social medias in my country nowadays are complicated. Theres too much hate about politics, and people and families are fighting each other. Sololearn was the best thing i have discovered to change the mood for my days. The people here are Very suportive and im learning a lot from them and The lessons. Cheers. No hate please.


Absolutely yes!!


Though this addiction is much better than addiction towards facebook 😂😀


I prefer it most of the time...


yes, learning and competing is good rather than wasting your time,..... your question worth appreciation...


I certainly think so.


Yeah for sure. But spending lots of time on Sololearn isn't good at all. I'm not addicted on Facebook anymore but whenever I check data uses history, I see that Sololearn used more than 70% data and 50%+ charge 😳. But, spending time on Sololearn is too much better than spending time on Facebook. 😆


Hey guys, first of all I would like to say thank to the creator of Sololearn who gives us reading and learning for free with certificates. The reason of reading, understanding and coding has increased due to Sololearn. Because there are a lot of challenges and quizes here. Sololearn is really a best way to spend time. I RECOMMEND SOLOLEARN AND SAN FOUNDRY INSTEAD OF W3 SCHOOL.