Can i be a good coder by just using solo learn?

Is solo learn enough to make someone a good programmer?

7/18/2019 5:33:21 PM

Abdul Moghees

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no, not on its own, the same way driving your car around a parking lot wont make you a good driver.


Always look on other resources and practice by yourself, don't just get stuck in the same place forever


Although I somewhat agree with jake, I think that you could become a good programmer by using Sololearn. However, you won't become a master programmer by just taking the courses, but you would have to spend your time in the code playground in order to get better. Mainly look at other peoples codes and try to understand what's going on (a lot of members here are very good at commenting what's happening and why), and I would also recommend that you try to code by yourself and research how to make things work as you want them to. Good luck! :)


Not 100% sure but what i am sure about is that Sololearn Community can keep you motivated to become a great programmer.


Sololearn is considered a stepping stone. No one will tell you that you will become something or someone by only knowing the fundamentals of it. You can't become a doctor because you read books in school. Here is a breakdown on how to become a doctor in the US. Degree Levels: Bachelor's degree followed by M.D. or D.O. Field(s) of Study: Pre-med or biological sciences then medicine Prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent; satisfactory MCAT scores Program Length: 4 years for bachelor's degree; 4 years for medical school; 3-7 years in residency and fellowships depending on specialty Licensure/Certification: State licensure required You have to go through lots of schooling and then get hands on experience before you can even be considered a full-fledged doctor. My point is that Sololearn is just the beginning of your schooling and you still have lots to learn. Then you need to go out and put that experience and knowledge to good use. Make a website and/or make a program that helps you with r


No I don't think so. You need to practice on various online platforms to succeed. I suggest you to use the search bar before posting a question, to avoid duplicates.


You can be a good beginner.


No! but u can have the an understanding about the fundamentals


No.. That's only a base of the programming languages.. Surfing the net can learn much more.. Try it and code by yourself..


Yes, you can but first thing is you believe in yourself you can do it focus the programming manage time enjoy our work think big regularly work 3 to 4 hours


Yes, you can be a good coder by using only sololearn. It has everything you need: 1. Most commercial languages. 2. Compilers and web tools for generate impressive graphics with javascript, html, css. 3. Full 24h support from the community and dev team for all topics. 4.Challenges where you improve your skills. 5. Many other app challenges, where you test your skills. 6. Impressive web site. From my experience, its the most complete app/site for programming. I improve my self every day here.


You can be a good beginner, let's go.......


I'm a CS student and have a coding background. It's about 6-7 days, I'm active here. From my previous experience, it seems sololearn is an amazing platform for the absolute the beginner. It can create an interest about coding. And if you are interested enough then its your turn to grow up yourself. #happy coding#


this will give you a good understanding, overview , basics


No. Sololearn just teaches you the basics of any language, but for advanced coding knowledge, you need to take a course. However, if you just need the basics or brush up on some language, Sololearn is good for that.