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Why one post gets posted twice on Sololearn 😵?

PLEASE read this BEFORE answering! When I post an IMAGE (a screenshot or a picture from my phone) I notice that my post gets duplicated. Then I have to delete one post. As far as I remember, this ONLY happened to my posts containing pictures. It never happened to the regular text ones. I also noticed similar situation on other users' pages but I didn't know the reason the reason back then. Have you experienced the same "double vision" thing? Technical info: I am using an Android device, which is virus free and powerful enough to run apps like Sololearn. My Internet connection is good, fast and stable 4G LTE. YouTube, IPTV, video calls work fine without any lags. I don't use any hotspots and I only use Sololearn where the connection is excellent. I can also swap mobile carriers easily, which to proved to have no noticeable effect on Sololearn experience. Most importantly: Is it just a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

7/18/2019 9:41:49 AM


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Hmm, it bug happens when you post something in weak internet network.😊🌷 ❤The solution is when you post something and it get duplicated so exit sololearn and then open it again then the duplicated post would have been removed...💖 If not so...😱 serious bug (huh)😮


Farhanaz, it happened to me in activity posts only. Never in comments or messages. My internet is not slow. It's good enough to watch YouTube videos in full HD quality. "Check your internet connection" and "Try again": are the error messages that SL app throws.


Farhanaz I didn't click/tap twice ☺. I tapped "Post" once but saw 2 posts evey time I posted MY stuff. Again: it ONLY happened to the posts on the homepage. I saw the other pages with identical posts because they didn't notice the problem at once. I want the community to be aware about it so they would double check their activity. I DON'T complain I just address the quirk. Maybe they will fix it someday. I really appreciate your effort to help. Thank you 😊!


Got it TA .A 👍. I'm glad to know it never happened to you. Hari Mohan Thakur, I meant Sololearn posts only. Sorry if you got confused. Thank you for your efforts to help me ☺.


Happens with me also ...


For me it seems like a bug. But you can delete one post after you have seen that there are two posts. I know that not a solution, but a way out.


Vitya may be it is a bug


It can be a bug


Maybe it happens due to the server and client not being synchrinised.


So it's a bug, i do experience such


Yes i do..it happened the other day to me


Sometimes I saw my comment duplicated.


It's a serious bug, occurs when you post a question while the internet is weak.


Vitya This issue is found in couple of things .... • Activity posts • Comments on codes • Messenger in solo learn . If your internet connection is slow , It shows try again . At that time , if you send it again .Then it becomes spam ....


Vitya Visually, it shows that it was not sent or try again But the thing is , virtually, it is already posted when you once published . (No need to click again & again )


Vitya , I'm also facing this problem. Whenever I post something it appears twice. But after I refresh homepage, I see only one post !! This bug is hilarious 😟. After I see two posts, I delete one of them and refresh homepage. Then I see that both my posts are deleted 😩😿


However, this one was also posted!!!


It also happens with me😮😮😮


It is a bug


huh, doesn't happen to me. Guess the bug just doesn't happen to me.