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How can I learn html css and js simultaneously.... Is it smart to learn them all at the same time... Or should I learn them in turns... If so, in which order?

7/18/2019 5:32:24 AM

Bryt Khalifa

7 Answers

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On SL you can learn all 3 together if you wish


You could try all three at once, but I'd say that you should start with html since it ties the languages together. Either that or start with javascript if you want to do backend (nodejs). Css isn't very useful without html, so don't do it first.


Learning all the languages simultaneously is not a good way. CSS has no mean without html. I would recommend you to learn html first then go for CSS for styling your web page and then go for JavaScript . This will be the best way.


Try to make your simple project, calculator or blog for example. First you need some html to place content. Then beautify it with a help of css. And then revive it with JavaScript. Animate it for example


for me i started with js before i know web development but you start with html then go for css and then dive into the world of javascript


Step 1: Basics of HTML Step 2: Basics of CSS Step 3: Basics of Javascript I learned all at the same time at there was no problem.


i think you should learn them all toghether