Can you use the raise statement outside the except block?

try: num = 5 / 0 except: print("An error occurred") raise ------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------- An error occurred Traceback (most recent call last): File "..\Playground\", line 5, in <module> raise RuntimeError: No active exception to reraise

7/18/2019 5:22:03 AM

Harsha vardhan

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You can use the raise statement anywhere, although if not in an except block you must specify the error (ex: raise or raise TypeError('wrong type')). In the code you sent with the question, the raise is not indented, which in python means it is not part of the except block.


I answered that in the first part of my answer. If you were asking if you can re-raise the same exception outside of the except block, then I don't think so unless you assign it to a variable or something. As I mentioned before, you can call raise anywhere with a new exception.