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How is called that place where you can get icons and stuffs like that?

An link would be useful.

7/13/2019 12:07:59 PM

💜 Alex Tușinean 🍇

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font awesomemaybe ?


While font awesome is really awesome If you need another source for icons you can visit the noun project Of course it takes a bit more work to use but there are over 2 millions (according to them) of icons in there


See this link


Taste Burey I have this. <i class="fa fa-facebook-official" aria-hidden="true"></i> How do I use it inside an web code?


Beyond the famous font awesome icons which provides 2 main versions of icons 4 and 5 - including paid and customizable ones, and many free and popular too - , you can use build-in CSS ENTITIES with this syntax: content: ' \numberCode'; This numberCode is alphanumerical or numerical-only 4-digits. E.g '\27B1' (fat shadow arrow icon) Reference with many icons, including letters: There are also Google and Bootstrap Icons as alternative to Font awesome library. I recommend you to take a tour and get to know them all and pick up one and stick it with until you feel familiar to work with. Here a nice introductory tutorial on icons by w3school: You can try this nice reference icon picker of this same site: You can filter icons by different sources and have an example embedded for every icon. I use it when I wanna find the best and suitable icon possible


Exactly like that As long as you have the fontawesome script it will work <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha256-NuCn4IvuZXdBaFKJOAcsU2Q3ZpwbdFisd5dux4jkQ5w=" crossorigin="anonymous" /> links for various version can be found here


Thanks for the tip Burey. I will add it to my list of reference. I hopped on there and it seems to be a very diverse place to find even more customized icons.


The web.