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Is there a way to make my private codes public without changing the initial date of release?

7/13/2019 9:31:26 AM


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Miraz Go to your Code then 3 vertical dots, after that click on details and you will yet Creation Date & Modification Date of your code.


Mohit Nagpal I already made them public before and then made them private for no particular reason at all. Now my friends are asking, so I want to make them public again without changing the initial date.


Denise Roßberg Where do find the creation date please? Cause I see here is the new date for making the code public


Thanks Gaurav Agrawal


If I am correct one date is just the date when you have created the code. It does not change anymore. The other date changes after saving your code.


Miraz Making public/private does not change the creating date.


LIOÑ see the answer about Creation Date by Gaurav Agrawal.


Yes, you can. Just click on the three dots on the right of your code and then click on make public.


No way ,as soon as you make them public the date and time of publishing will be updated.


Modification date will be the only one that changes. Creation date will never change.