Which jobs use programming languages? Will it change in future!

Starting to think about which role I was going in and I was wondering if there was anywhere in particular where I could use my programming languages that I learnt here? I like maths and ICT? Do you think that this might change one day or will these roles always be around? Thanks in advance 💕

7/12/2019 8:16:39 PM

Isabelle Zeidler

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Computer Programmers use programming. Fridge companies and robot makers use code too.


Things always change but programming will become more and more useful in the near to mid future.


Every programming language has its own use and has unique jobs related to it.


Webdelopement, app developemnt, software developement, robotics, database administration... the list can go on!


Thank you so much!! This has been really helpful. Any Companies in particular?


Movie / Show / Video Companies (Animation, Timing, Special Effects, Translation), App Development , robotics (programming AI) Space companies (NASA)


Every things change Then you have to grow up and develop yourself Then jobs will come


You can also program automatic or self driving vehicles, Virtual Assistants eg. Siri, Alexa, Cortana. Also i’m sure if you searched up your question you’d find much more answers than what you could find on SoloLearn