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Hey ! Guys My question is right now a new function has been unlock in chrome password generater and remembered but what if I surf any website and if they read my -cookies- they can get my passwords so it can get insecure but problem is I stopped cookies to became I have to keep loging on every account and page so should I stop cookies in settings or not then as per security issue ..... :/

7/12/2019 5:39:25 AM

Sayyam [ # Aasan hai ]

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To be clear : password should never ever be stored in cookies! Most of the sites don't do that, so that's good. You can re-enable cookies in settings without much worries. There are some extensions that delete cookies once you leave a website. You should also use Firefox 😁


Drax so its ok to use cookies than but what of these sites like they told us this site reads your cookies and there is an new function unlock in chrome to save passwords on browser should I enable it then.... :)


Drax okay I think is better for educational and safety purpose use chrome and for other stuffs use another browser like firefox for safety purposes due to malicious links and sites


Finally, you have to know that if Google sets a cookie on your computer, then Facebook can't read it.


It's up to you! Lots of people prefer to use a password manager.