Once someone is considered “advanced” in python, what kind of jobs are they looking at doing?

I’m about two years into a SE degree and am trying to learn python on the side because it has not been taught thus far in any class and was wondering what I would be doing if I got a job programming in python. Thanks!

7/11/2019 10:47:24 PM


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Casey I've been on the front lines of professional software development for many 'o years and I, too, am not quite clear on what you would be looking at as a Python developer. 😉 I use Python for small devops / utility type automation related scripts. However, it's not a language I would use for any sort of serious application development. While that's a bias I hold personally, it's quite common among the many developers in my network. That said, I would guess there are still those who use Python for web development and possibly micro services, or maybe as lambdas on AWS. Of course, it's also used in data science and machine learning jobs, which I'm unfamiliar with. Aside from my anecdotal perspectives, your best bet would be, as mentioned by Chris C., to search job listing for the type of work companies are paying for in your market.


Look at these job listings https://www.indeed.com/q-Python-jobs.html?vjk=f7cbc1bb9bd3421b