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Missing features in sl web

In sl web I cannot see many a things about my profile e.g. my followers and challenges. Challenge section not available and new-code only opens a html project. Private message also not available. What lot am I missing?

7/11/2019 6:22:29 PM


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I feel your pain being a web user. Your missing information only available on app for Sololearn. You do other than web codes on Sololearn web. Get where it says "HTML/CSS/JS" and you'll get the list. Though I am considering going to Sololearn app because of features you're talking about that we don't have on web. Enjoy!


Your welcome =) I also forgot streaks are on app too.


Ok. I use sl on android mainly. Trying out the web version. Anyway thank you.


Quite a bit. You're missing Kotlin, and other languages that aren't on web, along with what you said.


Go to app for full features of Sololearn!


Additionally the Android App has more featues than the IOS App.


Challenges in web...