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Hello dear community, what do You think about dark (night) theme for the app? Should it be created? I like to work with it before going to sleep but my eyes get tired fast, and I do not like to switch between SYSTEM accommodation modes on my device) thanks

7/11/2019 1:56:10 PM

Alexander Gora

5 Answers

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Alexander Gora You need to update sololearn, if its already updated then wait for next update it will be having that feature. 👍 Might its only available in beta version currently.


Hy Alexander Gora Do you mean Night Mode ? It is already available go to setting & switch on Night mode.


sorry, but in settings i only see: activity feed, push notifications, sound, location services and language 🤷‍♂️


thank you, hope it will be🙏


Night mode is great in the app. Now I need it on the desktop site.