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Sql server problem in popsql

When I try to connect profile in popsql The msg recived Oh I ECONNREFUSED

7/9/2019 9:55:30 AM

Mr Robot

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Saad Mughal I am terribly sorry, I would like to help but I am not understanding the situation 😁


I hope someone comes with a solution to help with that anytime soon Saad Mughal I'm sorry I can't help, well good luck my friend 👍


Hello Saad, Are you sure it was SQL Server? as I recall port 3306 was open for connections by MySQL. The default port for SQL Server was 1433.


Ipang I used sql few months ago and it's working again I reinstall it it could not connected to server When I try to connect the Enconnrefused msg accour


Ipang OK thanks np


Ipang two month ago it's working but now it's not working from Two days i am searching for solutions Thanks for answering and not say sorry for little things