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How many people here are self taught coders?Is a degree necessary?

I'm new to coding,and I'm loving it..by now I'm learning on my own.

9th Jul 2019, 8:06 AM
_Ayosmita_ - avatar
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I'm self-taught programmer too. If I talk according to my country, u should have at least one bachelor's degree. But sometimes this degree doesnt have to be about programming. If u r really good enough, they invite you to interview. They give you a task which u have to finish in time. If u r succesfull, they hire u.
9th Jul 2019, 9:25 AM
Sultan Nur Korkusuz Güçük
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Self-teaching is a good thing since you study beyond the box and you can do every thing you want, study what you want, learn what you needed to learn. Though sometimes it may be a bit confusing since self-teaching could take you somewhere instead of focusing on one subject, that's how imagination drives our thoughts. On the other hand, it is also necessary to get a degree since you will need a valid certification or diploma when applying for work. Most companies hires skilled workers as well as the educated ones. It is also good to study with someone who is superior than you since they may know something you don't and they can assist you further. You can explore yourself and learn things by yourself even if you're studying or under someone's authority. You can also study for a degree while self-teaching yourself for future benefits. Both can be necessary. I hope this helps.
9th Jul 2019, 8:25 AM
Ryan Verances
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Many people are self-taught, but I never seen a valid statistics. Yes degree is very important if you're into coding as a career, at least that's the basic requirement for jobs in my country. If you're really good though, companies may consider to put degree factor aside, but if you're a regular, well ... no.
9th Jul 2019, 8:26 AM
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Degree is not necesssary to be expert in coding
9th Jul 2019, 2:00 PM
All for You
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Thanks everybody!!Btw your one like on my question could have given me a new badge😅 <greedy>
9th Jul 2019, 2:00 PM
_Ayosmita_ - avatar
You have interest so degree is not necessary. Degree is necessary for getting god job in IT industry.
31st Jul 2019, 1:37 AM
Maduchandan B P
Good initiative. Go ahead
8th Jun 2020, 2:37 PM
Abhishek Sen
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Hi _Ayosmita_ di Im a self taught programmer and I am a kid too... In my opinion a degree is important to declare yourself as a engineer... When you will be invited to an interview they will check your qualifications, your degree , specialities, etc
12th Jul 2021, 3:13 AM
Anurag Saikia