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I am trying to find a way to improve this code... Then Anthony Quick suggest this: “I suggest you add a link to each mod's profile so people viewing the code can click to go to their profiles? Might be a nice extra touch 😊” Yes I think that’s a great idea! But I just find out that there are so many moderators! Is there a simple way than using the <a> tag for every name of every mods? https://code.sololearn.com/Wu9U9WbTWQMY/?ref=app

7/9/2019 2:38:44 AM


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That is an amazing idea! Sorry I don't have any easier way🙁 I really like how hard you working on that project and how much effect you putting on that project 😉 Keep it up 💪😬 I will try my best to help you😉


JTLZ 🇨🇦 [#NeverGiveUp!] Do you already have the profile IDs? If so, you could dynamically build the HTML links via Javascript. Let me know if you need a working example to see how this can be done.


Adding on to David Carroll 's idea, this was an implementation I quickly whipped up to show how that would work. I'm sure it could be done with Jquery, but I personally like to use vanilla JS when it comes to this stuff haha https://code.sololearn.com/WuRrAA9roeeZ/?ref=app


David Carroll Yes I got all the ID’s I like your idea! Do you mind to share an exemple? I haven’t really work with JS for a long time😅


JTLZ 🇨🇦 [#NeverGiveUp!] Sure... I've been traveling with my kids for college tours. I'll see if I can find a 15 minute break to update your code. Faisal Thanks for sharing an example. I think you'll dig the approach I had in mind. 😉


Sonic Yes I will update them... Thanks!


Faisal Thanks for the exemple! ☺️


I was going to recommend but I wouldn't have been able to explain it or mock it up. Thankfully David is here :)


Ok thanks! David Carroll Edit: Do you need me to give you some profile ID’s?


There is probably a better way, but I know a way to save some time. You can use this editor to input links and names. Then it will write all the HTML out for you. https://html5-editor.net/


Just saying that the info about badges maybe a bit outdated as it still lists the Networker badge for example.


JTLZ 🇨🇦 [#NeverGiveUp!] It was a long day of traveling. I'm about to sleep since it's 1am here. I'll try to do show you how to do this tomorrow. Please ping me if you don't see a response within 24 hours from now.


1. Method other than <a> url.open() with string as value of an object where pairing key identify the particular moderator. 2. Quickest method copy Donthack's code directly https://code.sololearn.com/WUlgg7rjm8r3/?ref=app