what to do ?

As a b.tech fresher in cse evryone told me to work hard on coding bt i hv not a pretty of intrest in coding,bt due to job fear now am starting for frontend languages like html,css etc. Bt i hv a much more intrest on management. if anyone suggest me to what to do now i wl be helpful to you.

7/6/2019 12:05:08 PM

Abinash panigrahi

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According to me if u are not loving or have any interest in coding than don't go for it, we only live once so listen ur heart and think in what u good at and interested in such as management as u describe this, u should not fear about the job getting job is not a hurdle u will definitely gonna get it and ths salary depends on ur depth of knowledge 💯📖📚📝,so just go for the things u are really interested at because life give only one chance u can make it the way u like,or it will make u the way world like. I hope this help best of luck for ur future.


Thnx a lot sir.. ur lines are valuables for me bt i want to know what is the real time work in (IT-Sector).only coding or anything like dpend upon some creative work,managing project like some work which is not only like coding but also hv some different activites. as a younger brother i told u dt i dnt want to complete my whole life in a single chamber. Thnx