Will non Mac ide works with swift?

If you don't have apple computer what would you do if you just want to develop for the iOS and Mac platform as well?

7/6/2019 5:56:04 AM


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I've heard of people trying this on Hackintoshes... but, from my understanding, it's a constant hassle and more problematic than it might be worth. There might be services where you can develop on a Windows machine and remotely build on a Mac. I've never had to explore this option as I've always had a few Macs lying around. At the end of it day, it might be better to just get a used Mac Mini as a dedicated build machine so you can focus on dev concerns rather than build issues.


Check for an emulator.


::sk:: Virtual machine like using VMWare or Virtualbox is an option but some say it is slow. I read it somewhere that MAC Cloud based services are available where you can do development remotely even on windows/linux machine Also check this https://codewithchris.com/xcode-for-windows/ https://learnappmaking.com/develop-ios-apps-on-windows-pc/