Maybe OFF-TOPIC : Should I really publish my app if I know it's not going to get many installs?

Many people want to make apps to show the world their ideas and to help people. I made a chatbot just for my family but I think I did a pretty good job so I want to publish it. If I was the user I'd maybe install it and then just delete it after a day but I want to get some practice on making apps. So if I know that I'm only going to get like 10 downloads should I really publish is to google play or the app store? Btw I don't know if this is off topic or not.

7/3/2019 10:37:26 PM

Hira Ali ❤

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DOGGO returns haha waiting for it to be compatible on all devices. And my laptops super small so I don't have any storage to install android studio. 😂


Hira Ali ❤ what are you waiting for? Even if no one intalls your app, it will be an awesome experience to do all that process


No harm giving it a go. Maybe you will be surprised.


Jake Yeah, I want to publish it but I'm really not sure. Anyways It only works on laptops and desktops so I think I'll have to make it compatible with other devices first.


I would. If it’s something you made, something you’re proud of that you want to put out into the world then do it. It doesnt hurt to have some published projects under your belt either if you ever plan on pursuing a career in app development with some company.


Of course you should!!! You worked hard, learned a lot. I did it about 6 months ago and I am really proud of my 231 users 😁