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Learning from scratch or jumping over

After learning c++(I am still a noob) I am trying my hands in different languages like python, kotlin and web (js specially) Python and Kotlin are fine But JS is quite boring(don't get me wrong) or maybe because I am handling it as a programming language(oh! Wait it is one) I mean I am not utilising the main features of it like the visuals because I am stuck on its basics only So what is your opinion should I stick to the basics and carry on Or It's ok to skip somethings and jump to the interesting(I hope so) part

6/28/2019 5:06:56 PM

Saurabh Tiwari

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WARNING: each language has different basics. Skipping may result in unnecessary confusion.


dalamatho hmmm... Sounds good Thanks


Start a project--something cool that you will enjoy doing. Then learn the features of the programming language you need as you go through it. That's the most enjoyable way to learn.