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Which programming language do you learn, and what is your favorite language?

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1/24/2017 10:12:03 AM


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@Saumya, I am study on IT Academy to become PHP Web development, and of course, php is my favorite language. But I am first begin to learning html, css, javascript...etc. then begin with php programming language. My wish is if I will can to learn C or Java..programming language. Best regards!


I learn Pascal and Python.


Python :D I went on and completed all programming languages courses here at Sololearn to see which one I liked better. I fell in love with Python because of its syntax and its philosophy, named "The Zen of Python" which you can read here: http://wiki.c2.com/?PythonPhilosophy It made a big impression on me, it actually even made me smile. Plus, most of my favorite websites (Google, Youtube, etc) and most powerful programs use Python :)


Python. It's the only language I really know, and is thus my favorite, even though it could be the worst language and I wouldn't know it. I like how I can get advanced stuff running pretty quick just by using imports though.


c++ but since i have started learning java i am in love with java. mainly because of its portability "compile once and run on every platform" heard alot about phyton but havnt looked at it. everyone says its syntax is very easy. syntax is all about getting use to whatever the language is


Now I am learning java but my favorite language is c++, it was the first language that I learned and I have coded more in c++ than any other language I know so I've developed an attachment to it. 😳 @stasy[EP], whats your fav programming language?


i love java and started learning c# after being added in challenges.


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While I was taught Java in college, and I'll always Love it. But.... Python 😁 I think it's the way is the future. The code is so easy to follow, and it has so many many libraries. Anything is possible with it, maybe not today but soon


@Sargoa thank you...


C++, java Coz we had those as Subjects in B.E. but I didn't fell in love with them :p. These languages are considered as core as far as software development is concerned. Also most of the IT Companies prefer these and tats d reason why every software enthusiast needs to learn these languages.


I learn html and I also fond of it. And at current I am in class 11th, and in my syllabus there is python. I am only beginner in python and enjoying learning.


I have C language as my first programming language, then after that HTML as first scripting language and finally now Java as new object oriented language. I learning THEM because I wanna to create a game which being inspired by final fantasy IV DS.😏


C++ or java I dont sure to myself because They can do different I like java becus of they can do any graphic (such as transition or rotate) well It's easy to me(maybe) I like c++ becus of feel free to do anything but It's hard as like as my name


I would like to learn and I am learning Visual Basic 2013


I like Python. I think study html j css js c cpp cs ;)


html css js to become web developer


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Java HTML + CSS + JavaScript PHP