What is meant by a website is hacked ?

How can website be hacked did someone done anythings with the website or steal somethings from website how he done that ? And what we can do to prevent from these things ? and what are causes also......

6/26/2019 5:49:03 AM

Sayyam [ # Aasan hai ]

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Hacking a website means stealing information from it. It can be done if the information is easily accessible. To prevent it, you should make your information less accessible


Airree How can we make our informations less accesible?


hacking a website means accessing to data and informations without being authorized to . There are many methods of hacking and various tools , so that you have to secure your website by making your information less accessible.


Manipulation of a websites data by an unauthorized individual is generally termed as website hijacked....


Hacking to website, and in general hacking anything, could be two meaning : 1. bypass any authorization , for instance: password. 2. "get" to the server by using any kind of authorization; to bypass the acess to the system. In general, we can create complicated authorizations (not as: your cat name or sequences, like; 1,2,3,4). And check premission to programs and applications. Usually hackers done it by operating bots, actually a code name to program that her mission is to break the premission; that get the premissions by the bypassing with sequences, that called "code breaker". You can try in yourself to search online about hacking or follow by some graet men which are explaning about hacking and security in the internet...


a website is said to have been hacked when an unauthorised personnel is able to get concealed information meant for only the admin of that website....hackers hack in various methods, there are tools and all sought of back end applications used to achieve this......well the best way to prevent it is to tighten security placed on that website thats why millions are spent on it


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I've personally experienced someone hacking my website. The hacker can change the website in any way he wants. S/he may even make the website a redirect to another website.


Someone making changes they shouldn't be able to make or getting information they should not be able to get. Someone I know got their database hacked by getting SQL injection that basically called itself recursively every few milliseconds so it'd work slower.


Data breach 😡