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[Solved]Suggest your own quiz

In Suggest your own quiz why there are only two options Swift and C why not other languages.

6/23/2019 3:03:19 PM


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I've read here in q&a a few times that they stopped accepting more proposals because there are too many (still undecided) already, and C and Swift don't have enough riddles. As so often, there doesn't really seem to be any confirmation about this from Sololearn. The options just stopped being available, basically.


I have the same case as well...


Krish, why should they remove it when they want us to submit C and Swift lessons?


Sure, but you can suggest C and Swift, which seems to be what they want right now, so why should they remove the function that allows them (in theory) to get what they want?


Just adding that this question has been asked before a few times.


Then they should remove the option to suggest our own quiz.


I think it is due to lot of submission on daily basis to Sololearn platform,but If you want to publish your quiz in less time ....with maximum rate of approval on some website then... freshlybuilt.com...help you to publish your quiz by simply sending your quiz to them..or you can paste your question and answer in their text box area.. Link:https://freshlybuilt.com/create-your-quiz/


HonFu as you answerd my question above you told that there are very less question in C and SWIFT lessons. So if we are studying any other language we can't suggest a question.