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How do you think?

Do you think Wordpress is unsecture?

6/18/2019 6:21:59 PM

Darth Vader

8 Answers

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You can read about it in different articles Yeah Its very secture and you can check it in some websites that they show how secture a website is


Nothing is truly secure these days, especially from the dark side.


amin bagheri pls tell your autocorrection it's secure not secture


Yes, especially if you keep it up to date


FA_develops that was meant as a joke


if it has the red lock in the corner,this means it is of course very unsecture however it also meaning i can steal your data


php is language program


I once downloaded it and was really disappointed by their security. Wordpress is a Meme. I would have to reprogramm some of it to make it secure. But by itself I wouldn't claim it's secure. You actually have to put a lot of effort in it to make it secure. But it is possible to make it secure by reprogramming some parts of it.