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Changing to Visual Studio

I switched from CodeBlocks to Visual Studio today, but some things were weird. I tried to do something really simple; I made a class with a constructor, requiring a name. And then I told it to print the name of the object, but even though I had no errors, when I ran the code, the name didn’t get printed out. I put in a code from codeblocks, that I know is correct, because it works on codeblocks, that didn’t work either. So, long story short: does the code slightly change when you change IDE? Thanks for any help :)

6/17/2019 10:30:31 PM


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The code will not change. Do you use multiple files? If so, maybe you don’t have them all in the same project?


I fixed it. I just made a silly mistake in the code... I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now... And the code I copied from codeblocks works on Visual Studio today, but it didn’t work yesterday for some reason...