What are the parts of Java I actually need to know in-depth before starting Android development?

I like to develop app fille manager ,camera app , keyboard app,mini games

6/17/2019 2:08:46 PM

Programmer Raja

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It realy depends what you want to develop like and offline game you need to upgrade your graphics skill.if you want to develop an chatapp or social media you need to know library called java.net or you can say socket programming and some jdbc drivers knowledge which is used for connection to database.If you want to develop that can navigate files and other stuff then you need to learn stream in java. best of luck


This guide outlines everything you'll need to know in-depth. https://medium.com/mindorks/learning-android-development-in-2019-a-practical-guide-ddc71e008696


You just need to know java fundermental how to create classes interfaces abstract classes most importantly understand how threading works that pretty much everything you need to understand then I,LL advice you to try out java fx just a bit to know how to work with gui but it not required


I highly recommend you switch to kotlin language and learn in-depth "just in time" when you will need something to develop what you want.


applets was removed from java


In java you have to be familiar with 1.java.applet 2.java.awt 3.javax.swing 4.java.awt.event the 4th option tells you about keyboard mouse click foucus focuslost blur etc and all other events