|| stands for what and its use in c++

Operator in c++


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https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/cpp/logical-or-operator-pipe-pipe?view=vs-2019 This will let you know about it. Basically it is called as "Logical OR" operator......


Logical OR operator, follows the OR truth table logic for computing.


"||" is known as logical OR. It is use to evaluate logical operations. [Example]: Int x=(1||0); printf("%d",x); [Output] : 1 [Note]: every non zero value is considered as true.


Logical OR




It is known as logical OR. The OR (||) operator returns true if any one of its operands is true. It is used as 'or' in cpp. As you work with if : if (name=="Tom"||name=="Jack"){ cout << "Hello" << name << endl; } //in this type you can store many names and other things, if user will type Tom then it will run the 'if' program or if it types Jack it will also run but not other then these two, ya others can be when you will add there in 'if' using ||. There are many uses also this was just a example.


It's logical OR.


it's logical OR operator in C++


OR (||) ,It is a Logical opreator that onenof condition will true and other one will be false or vice -versa


Logical or y=(1==2||3==3) It means the given case is true if either of the case is true so the value of y becomes 1 which means true


its an logical OR Operator in programming used for logical reasoning types problem


logical OR for example if(x>10 || x<15) { cout<<"Good"


It stands for "LOGICAL OR" It returns TRUE value, when any one of the condition is true example: // TO CHECK GIVEN CHARACTER IS VOWEL OR NOT if((letter=="a") || (letter=="e") || (letter=="i") || (letter=="o") || (letter=="u") || (letter=="A") || (letter=="E") || (letter=="I") || (letter=="O") || (letter=="U")) { cout << "THE CHARACTER IS VOWEL"; } else { cout << "THE CHARACTER IS NOT A VOWEL"; }


|| stands for what and its use in c++ Operator in c++






Bitwise OR 🤗


maybe it mighjt stand for modulus