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How to study python

6/15/2019 8:07:22 AM

Akshay Kelkar

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Learn python from this tutorial : You can also by books on python and you can also learn it from programming hub or tutorialspoint. Good luck👍😉. Thanks


Read, code, read, code, read, code, read, code etc.


I can recommend you a YouTube channel named sentdex. It has some great and well explained courses on a huge variety of topics such as machine learning or how to use different libraries and much more in Python 3. And there is also the course offered here by SoloLearn obviously.


The broader question is, how do you learn best? Once you find the answer to this for yourself, you can apply it to learn Python. Everybody's different. I learn best by winging it: I jumped head-first into Python to add features I wanted to an existing Python project, and asked on StackOverflow whenever I couldn't figure something out on my own. Now I can do almost everything I wanted to do in Python, and I never had to read a book or take a course.

+1 And program not really study.