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Which js framework you should learn in 2019 & why?

According to Google search trends : 1.react 2.angular 3.jquery 4.vue What's your opinion?? Tell me in the comment section 😉

6/13/2019 7:05:20 PM

Jesse Pinkman

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For me, It's Angular > Vue > React


If you have problems deciding havg all of them on a dartboard and trow an arrow blindfolded(try to hit nobody)


jQuery is a bit outdated now, but the 3 others will do the trick for modern component based development. I prefer Angular.


jQuery is a cross platform helper library, it is not a full web framework. When jQuery was made, it was during the time that browsers were all so different and cross platform was hard. Now in 2019, that is not the case. Most modern browsers (even kind of the later versions of IE) will support most of the same features, especially after using a tool like babel. Out of the other three, I have personally not looked into angular, but I do really like the concepts of react. I have also looked at vue, and it looks nice and has benefits of smaller package sizes with better performance, but I feel that it is not as customizable as react. This is just personal opinion and I recommend you look further into your opinion of how they work, as well as your needs, to make your final decision. In the end I usually end up using no framework and creating some utility functions and other such helpers to minimize file sizes and keep performance up. I also use tools like babel to help keep syntax and some polyfills supportive of older browsers. I personally also highly recommend TypeScript. It is not a javascript framework, but it has helped me write better code and also catches a lot of errors before actually running the code. Always remember that when js frameworks advertise speed, it's usually relative to other frameworks and not to pure js.