Making a Text or 2D RPG with C++ only

My question is in 3 parts I guess. I’m new to programming and have only experienced C++ through Arduino/Arduboy and tutorials which didn’t explain very much very well. 1) Can you make an rpg (text or 2D) using only c++ and no other language? 2) What would be the best program to do this with? Visual studio or code::blocks, or something else? (Could it be done with only my iPhone and nothing else?) 3) How would I deploy such a program once written? Would it play in a terminal, or the IDE, or on a exe window, or on my phone?

6/13/2019 2:51:02 PM


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1. YES 2. i think visual studio. 2.5 yes, but only the text based could be done on your iphone 3. if written in a IDE (such as visual studio and code blocks) it would run as a .exe file but if you coded it on you iphone it would be the terminal


what app would i need to program and run it on my iphone? I have no computer at the moment. also could you recommend a tutorial for writing a text based game in c++


Stephen i dont have a iphone but if you search on the appstore "c++ compiler" i think it would be ok the tutorials here on sololearn should be enough to make a text based game