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Why do most mods turn off their challenge weapons?

6/13/2019 1:22:56 PM


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I will answer for me. Why stop the challenges? I used to do challenges back then. But then slowly found it became too much repetitive. The need to memorise the answers, solving under 30s, winning, and once lost trying to win again... Started to become frustrating. The actual effort of completing them all shouldn't be ignored either--took most of my time completing them back to back. In my experience challenges don't improve your actual coding skills--perhaps, some trivia-- writing actual codes do. In the end stopped them all together. Closed all weapons; started to focus on actual coding, reading, and answering. Instead of challenging, that's all. Note: This was before I became a mod.


When you have solved 200 challenges you start to notice their repetitiveness. And, unfortunately, it becomes not interesting anymore. Especially if you have a job. I still enjoy solving 1-2 challenges per day. But I prefer reading books and making different projects. It feels more efficient.


Dear Ebugo_ , First of all, I didn't say more busy than everyone and I don't know, I was just guessing... Secondly, they handle jobs, family, exams and stuff... AND moderate in sololearn... Being mod isn't their only work...they don't just do sololearn all day and we all respect them for their sincerity... And thirdly, HonFu is right, there are a lot of people here to challenge... If someone doesn't like be challenged, it's entirely their wish, like you said...


They don't want to do challenges... They're more busy than most of us... Maybe thats why🤔


I have a similar feeling of "they get repetitive." I used to challenge a lot to the point where it got repetitive and felt more along the lines of a "memory" game (because of answer previews at the end) rather than an actual challenge. And I suppose I have things outside Sololearn that keep me busy, but that shouldnt be an exception as we all have other life responsibilities other than Sololearn. Has nothing with being a mod I suppose.


🤔 I'm not sure why that's an expectation that mods should be open to more challenges than, say, other members of the community, but I'd be curious to explore the thoughts that lead up to this expectation. Many mods do get busy -- sometimes too busy to even moderate. At the end of the day, most of us consider ourselves just like regular users -- we just have a few extra tools at our disposal to help keep our Community clean (like janitors) and we have a code of ethics (i.e. janitors shouldn't litter). Not everyone enjoys every aspect or feature of SoloLearn -- maybe challenging is one of them. There are some mods that still challenge regularly. For example, I'm not a stormer, but I will accept any challenge that I notice and many have earned a lot of XP from me (those pesky phone calls). I think there was a miscommunication earlier regarding people potentially being insulted by having their challenge invitation declined. Some people do get offended when others try to set boundaries. I hope this helps!


Mostly time for me. The challenges can get old after a while as well. I spend time on my development projects and making stuff I believe to be cool.


Ebugo_ Taking more quizzes isn't the solution. Last I checked they actually stopped accepting them due to high load & only accept in swift or c. The limitation (I believe) lies more in the manual human review process--insufficient people or too much load on the ones accepting it. HTML(possibly others) is already saturated, you can't add more unique quizzes(they don't even have it as an option for quiz review) Make what you will of the info.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ebugo_ The similar ones were added to reduce the memorization. If you read my previous reply then replacing will take even more effort than simply accepting new ones. You can try sending feedback to [email protected] It's them who can say if it's doable or not.


Sololearn is crowded with people who will accept a challenge, who'll challenge back, who'll challenge you back so hard you can't even handle it. Why it is necessary to play against any moderator?


Probably because they don't want to do challenges and just want to help people, and that so they don't have to decline a lot of challenges, or when they do, people don't take it as a personal insult


They turn off challenge, because you can't really can beat them.


🤔 I don't blame SoloLearn for pausing (possibly indefinitely) the acceptance of new quizzes. The ROI is extremely low. I'm not sure how much time you've spent reviewing quizzes (which anyone can do), but a lot of it is spam or off-topic. In any given review session (I might have the patience to review a dozen or two at a time), I might find one question that I almost like. There are threads that cover Community opinions on quiz acceptance criteria. Here are two examples of ones I have participated in: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1767439/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1621216/?ref=app But I think it comes down to the incentive structure (people want their badges and there's no XP loss for spamming anonymously) and lack of tools to weed out garbage earlier on. If you do feel like you have any new insights to add, like LordK said, please submit your feedback to the administrators. I'm personally okay with SoloLearners (including mods) outgrowing the dueling feature.


Ask them!


Ok, thanks all. This has been very informative, I'm honored and it's a pleasure hearing from everyone here. Thanks to the mods too for participating, you guys are the best☺️🙏🏾.


They are probably busy with more important things.


I don't really get your logic. I could slap you in the face. It won't hurt you, because it was my choice : )


They kind of are


Lord Krishna Yh, right. But, what about the quizzes that are so similar that one can be removed and replaced with a more unique one?


Janning⭐ I'll check out the posts right away.