[SOLVED] Is it right to challenge a mod?

I know it sounds funny, but is it okay to challenge a moderator? 😄

6/13/2019 8:51:08 AM


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Well its definitely okay, I don't know why people think mods as god or something. They are also human okay, same like u and me just with some responsibility to keep the environment safe and spam free. (I do respect them, They really work hard for us) Yes u can definitely challenge a mod. And as we all know there a way to turn off the weapon so. If a mod or anyone don't wanna to play challenges they can just turn it off easily. So, in my opinion u can challenge whoever u like 😅 and there nothing wrong in challenging mods 😅


Challenge the mods. Challenge the world. Challenge yourself.


Zowee🌸🌸 , good luck then, sis🙂🙃 Have these: 🍓🍎🍉🍑🍌🍋🥒🌽🥜🍆🥚🍜🥕🥛(nutritious foods... An essential to challenge a mod😄😄)


Yes, there's nothing wrong with challenging mods. If our weapons are open then go ahead 😊


Yeah, it's fun... I challenge mods and I'm very happy when they accept it and I lose(obviously)😂😂 Actually mods are around to enlighten us on stuff... And what's better than challenges to learn things?😉


Why not? I get challenges. Unlike some people, I haven't declined or ignored a challenge.


Why not dear?? They would not ban you if you challenge them😂 I never tried... But you can


Let's just conclude the matter. Mods can be challenged. Just that quite a few mods have sort of "renounced" challenging. There are mods you can challenge. Some include the likes of Koketso Dithipe (📚📚📚) Manual


Priya💞 no they are human.


They are not people who have ascended to heaven or something. They can be challenged, just that a typical moderator isn't a very active challenger. If I had remained as moderator I would still be challenging all day long.


Zowee🌸🌸 always wc, 😆


Moderators were once like us, normal users... When they become a mod , it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same rights and privilage like us. They just received a important responsibility to the community... Some mod don’t challenge because they don’t have time. But you can challenge them if their weapon is open. Some of them would really like some storms😂


Abdulmumin Alhassan a mod is like a policeman in the society... 😆


@A J and Priya💞 Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂


Oops I should stop mentioning this I guess. But yeah I was once one and let's stop with that. Period.


Of course it is! There is no reason for you not to. Moderators are just people with more responsibility


Choco💖[#BeYourself] 😂😝


Yes. If Mod can challange us then Why we can not..They were also a challangers. Like Koketso Dithipe do.. 😁😁😁😁😁 I appreciate to this person...Keep challanging us..😁😁😁


⚡ Prometheus ⚡ Okay! 😊 You were once a mod? 😮


⚡ Prometheus ⚡ ok, no problem 😀👌