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Where to learn Visual Studio code?

I need to learn the Visual studio codes (school stuff) where I can create a windows form application but the codes were different from C#. they don't use console.writeline. Any suggestions? thank you

6/11/2019 12:16:09 PM


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By coding on it and by learning shortcuts and all...and also UX and UI is simple in visual studio code


Visual Studio is a developer environment not a 'code' or language, so there might be courses on how to get started with it but you'd still need to actually have a copy of the program to learn.


Unfortunately I have a sh*tty laptop and a sh*tty internet connection (can't download visual studio nor watch YT vids) :'< I was lookin for an all in one like here in sololearn P.S. Thank you for answering uwu


Oh silly me I was talking about Visual C# Event Holder sorry 😅 Okay thank you.