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Can you mention the real path to be a good mobile developer?!

6/11/2019 2:08:07 AM

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Basically if you are planning to go for Android then start with Java or Kotlin and also simultaneously some knowledge of XML. And if planning for both iOS and Android then just start with flutter where you have to learn Dart programming language. Hope it helps 👍


For mobile developer So there two things you should consider being a native mobile developer or a hybrids To be Native developers you have to learn java or Kotlin It has pros and cons listed below: It would be very fast if whiten well memory can be highly optimised and more access to hardware level work Cons you can only build for Android nothing more


The path to becoming a better developer is never straight or to be more precise not direct ... 😆


Being a hybrid developer you can use skill you are familiar with eg JavaScript : that are two mainly known framework first is react native which is a huge framework second is flutter which was built by Google and used dart programming language Pros and cons of a hybrid developer: You can write One code and deploy to multiplatform platforms eg Android iOS and blackberry and Soo on Cons it might be slow very big in sizes and you might not have proper hard way previlllage3 pls do more research on it and consider


Take the Java and Kotlin roads towards Android Studio.



Learn java for android dev then learn how to develop using android studio. Android was built in java so you can never go wrong with java as a mobile developer for android. Next learn swift for iOS development. Its still the best for native iOS apps. Pick any relational database alongside to work with. This is going to help you become a solid native app developer.


React Native and Angular, which give the developer the tools they need to quickly create native and mobile apps. Cross-Platform Development (UX/UI design) like kotlin or swift. Cybersecurity Databases.


Learn programming concepts If you could learn to program native apps it could be better in most cases even though web apps are popular in small companies Ionic is great and you can develop with it with plain JS I advice to avoid react native, I had to use it in a full stack specialization im taking and it is not comfortable to use.


You can actually learn Java or Kotlin and learn how to develop using Android studio


Start by making easy but fun games then, wait for players to start liking your game after that, ad updates that play a big part. Make adds and share to get fans. The fans tell there friends and the player friends friends will tell them and so on...


go for kotlin if you're into android development. Also, learn XML as it's the language that helps you make an app look user friendly. XML is very easy to learn. problem is kotlin. it gets very frustrating sometimes. For ios, I did it with swift but some knowledge of objective c is also recommended.


Do you already know JavaScript? Then React Native is great. There's also ionic 4. Also something else I just started playing with called Quasar, which does everything and uses Vue. There's also Flutter but I'm skeptical of Google here and I don't want to learn a language (dart) that isn't useful outside of Flutter. Other than that, go where the work is. For example, there's no work for swift developers where I live. Or just learn them all! The 'real path' is going to include writing code for performance across devices and good mobile UI/UX design, no matter what language.