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What is the API and how to build it by java I can not understand API and when we need to build it and is it for all platforms? or for web only .

6/9/2019 8:29:21 PM

Medo Top

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No friend :) , APIs use a general HTTP transfer protocol which can be used in almost all languages to develop. And that should also answer the question when you would need it, you see this ability to make requests to one API from different applications even developed in different languages makes it powerful and very useful. What it means is u can develop an app in C++ and another in Java that share some data and therefre can interact. The data is transported by XML or JSON format. ● How do you build them? Well im not an APIs expert but i know alittle about it and Databases!. The API data and other functionality is meant to expose server functions from remote apps(clients). The API data is basically a database object and its attributes, this is why you could use Facebook API to verify logins with that method, or Google Clear?