Sololearn didn't count all challenges

I have played more than 200 challenges in last evening but SoloLearn counted only 60 for all day. I noticed such issues during last 10 days. Especially completed challenges initialized from my side didn't count.

6/8/2019 4:17:16 AM

Nerses Avakyan

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I avoid this problem by not playing many challenges 😂.


I think now if you replaying challenge previous challenge is not counted


It happening with me also. But I have noticed that in daily XP counting not increasing but in Total XP it's increasing.


Algorithm problems!


Same problem bro ☹️


Thanks Nerses for pointing that out. I will be on the lookout going forward to see if I can provide validation.


Happening to me too since last month. Quite annoying.


Happened to me too☹️


I gave Sololearn a mail, don't know what is the status now.


Sonic 😂😂😂 thanks I will also do this by not playing challenges 😆😆😂😂😂


Same here.. I mailed them... Please be informed that it takes time for your results to become visible on the leaderboard. This was their reply...




I faced the same issue for a couple of weeks already... Anyway, it just seems to be a daily XP issue. Might be a motivational thing. Otherwise the same guys and girls are the daily champs all the time... Why not let some newbies be the daily champions? 🤔


Guess it's happening to me today


Familiar situation😔


Same problem here too. We need to report it to sololearn.


I have faced this problem today. I have only 187XP instead of 298 XP. I've won 3 challenges in Python and got 37 + 37 + 37 XP, but where is my XP😕😕.


😢😢😢 Am playing for 5 hours and i guess my xps not increasing appropriately


I encountered that same problem as well this past week, on one of the days i make a close check after playing 3 full storms without losing, I see I had 125Xp instead of 225