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Jquery challenges

Why doesn't sololearn have jquery challenges? It would be fun...

6/7/2019 6:26:45 PM


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I agree it would be nice to have jQuery challenges. It's probably the most popular and widely used JavaScript library and good knowledge of jQuery is a must nowadays. Also having more challenges is always fun! I think every language here should have challenges. For example we could have styling specific questions in CSS challenges if they existed. About including jQuery questions into JavaScript challenges. NO, it's an awful idea! It would confuse many beginners, especially those who didn't learn jQuery. Remember Sololearn is beginner friendly and confusion is always BAD.


Well, maybe you could suggest it on: [email protected]


Jquery is JavaScript library.I think that in the JavaScript quiz questions should be jquery questions!


The users of jquery compared to other languages is insufficient. This can be a cause.


Because jquery is a JavaScript library So it is a part of JavaScript So SoloLearn should add jquery questions in JavaScript challenge