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Which Java tools should I learn?

Hello everyone, I've started learning programming languages on my own two months ago and I just love it, especially Java. Now knowing the basics is good and again, I love Java, but I've discovered that there are many tools which complement Java very well, including e.g. GitHub, Docker, Apache Maven and Groovy. As I'd be honoured to work with Java one day (my knowledge at this point is certainly not enough to give me a job, but if I learn with online courses and if I practice a lot, it will do so one day, I'm certain of it), I'm wondering which tools I should learn as well in order to solidify my knowledge? All of these tools seem interesting as well as important and Udemy offers a lot of good courses for all of them, so I wonder what you can recommend for me to improve my knowledge of Java (for a possible future career/for broadening my knowledge)? Thank you very much! ¡Mil gracias de verdad! Большое вам спасибо! Ich danke euch!

6/6/2019 12:47:10 PM

Damjan Glamočak

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gitHub is good, not only for java, JUnit(testig), Maven/Gradle(building), for enterprise and web backend Spring/Jakarta EE SQL, basic web dev (html-css-js) swing/javafx for GUI Tomcat(Application server), Jenkins(CI), Android for mobile (this is mix of tools, frameworks,languages, technology)


what do you want to do with java


Working as a Java developer sounds very intriguing.


the tools you want to use depend on what kind of development you want to do


As I don't have much experience (iike I stated in the post), I'm also not aware of all the possibilities with Java, so what should every fan/developer of Java know at least?