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How many JavaScript frameworks are there?

6/4/2019 6:02:51 PM


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some of the most popular ones are jquery (dom traversal and manipulation) jqueryui( user interface) node.js (js on the back end) typescript (making js strongly typed=more stable) mermaid.js (graphs) charts.js (as it says on the tin) three.js (3d animations) p5.js (2d animations) underscore.js & ramda.js( functional programming) Angular, React and Vue(templating frameworks) these are the decent ones but some are quite pathetic and redundant so pick them wisely ;)


Lots off.... //There can't be a exact number.


Jaydeep Khatri Tell me some of them


Angular, React, NodeJS, Vue etc.


Monical is jquery a framework or a library?


There are tons of them Check this one


Najeeb Farhan Some if them


Monical jquery,jqueryui,typescript,p5.js,three.js,charts.js,mermaid.js are not js frameworks,they are javascript libraries!


Sonic it is a library


So many Some are Phaser P5 Vanilla Pure


as many as there are minecraft clones on the app store


Codinger 🖥️🇲🇰 potato tomato

+1 Refer this


Many are there


too many