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Is it possible to make cross-platform C# programs?

A long time ago, I used to build .Net applications for Windows, Since then I've switched to Linux+Windows on dual-boot (And I'm never switching back lol), And I mainly use Windows for games and Linux for work, Using stuff like JavaScript on Electron, Java, Python, Etc... But recently, I've been wanting to get back to C#, So what I want to know is, Is it possible for me to develop fully functional, Cross-platform, Gui, .Net C# applications? (Without the use of things like MonoGame, Xna, Etc..)


5/31/2019 9:32:51 PM

Ms. Random

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All features of. Net is not avaliable in all platform, but learn about .Net core, this is a good solution


With Xamarin you can develop apps for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS


Not yet I think.


Yes, it's possible


I've tried .Net Core before, And while it is definitely helpful, There is no way as far as I know to create Gui applications with it, They will add winforms support in .Net Core 3.0, But only to windows which is not what I need, Thanks for the help.


have fun. its gonna be a long ride