Which is your favourite JS framework ? And what cool thing you develop using that?

Hey JS lover are out there put your precious answer here.

5/27/2019 5:53:01 PM


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So far jquery. I made a code that needs a link to a sololearn profile, to make an id card. Go to a profile and copy its link to use within the code. https://code.sololearn.com/WuYSh5MERD09/?ref=app


Manual jQuery is not a framework. It is a DOM library



I like the concepts and syntax of React, but I don't use it often because of the negative performance impacts and large file sizes. I haven't been on sololearn long to make any projects here, but I have made some small react projects outside of sololearn including a chess game. This is kind of similar to VIRTL's answer as next.js is a framework to improve React by adding built in SSR as well as handling all the builds and routing for you.