What is the difference between printf and scanf


5/27/2019 4:53:23 PM

Ahmed Zakree

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yes Ahmed Zakree we are storing the input to the address


scanf is function which is used to get formatted input from user and printf function is used to print output.


printf - - > is use to print characters or values to the screen printf("My name is Thomas"); scanf--> is used to take user input from the keyboard. int i; scanf("%d", &i);


Thomas Williams yes. Scanf() is used for reading from keyboard input, and printf() is used for print that value which is read by scanf() both are present in standard library


From what I know of printf and scanf is that scanf is used to get input from the user. Am I correct?


*AsterisK* do we have to you use the address operator “&” while using scanf ? and what if we didnt


ok, thanks 🙏