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I’m a beginner

I want to learn programming which language will i start with as a beginner thanks for your great help

5/26/2019 4:26:00 AM

Steven Boima

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I am also a beginner, python is very digestible


Well I think u should start with python. It's benifits are : 1. Very easy language 2. Based on OOP 3. Easiest syntax 4. Becoming popular day by day. 5. Available everywhere 6. U can learn it from anywhere i.e from sololearn , various apps and webs , and from books. 7. Used in data science and ML 8. More functional Good luck👍 Thanks


I think you should learn Html


Depends on what do you want to program. I recommend starting with C or Java, because it's more specific and makes you think better.


I started coding a year or two ago. I started with python. It is really easy to learn and also has a wide use, like machine learning, networking, games, etc. It is easy to start to.


I suggest, you start with 1 language and make it your primary native language. As a backup, learn few other languages as well and keep them as a secondary languages. C++ is opted by many professionals for competitive coding. So start with C++ and make it your primary language. And other languages you can learn is Python or Java.


I will give you an advice, you should learn C or HTML first. For my experience, I think C is easy to learn. C is also called Sequence Language because there's procedure that you should learn. Try to learn C course in SoloLearn. HTML also easy, but you need introduce about tags and attribute. Try to learn HTML course in SoloLearn, too. Hehe Good luck! Thanks


Python or html (for web)